About Us

Hossain Group is one of Bangladesh’s leading conglomerates. A trusted name for over century.

Hossain Group parent company Sattar Brother evolved from manufacturing Cap for the British Empire in 1922. During East Pakistan era Sattar Haji funded a Constructions company   Sattar Brother  to help the Bangladesh Government in development .In its Due time Sattar Brother helped the infrastructure of the county by developing the 1st commercial airport  Tejgaon International Airport,Dhaka Wasa Bhaban,Dhaka Univeristy and many other land Mark Project. Mr.Sattar and his Family now own various land Mark in Dhaka. Zohura Market,Green Super Market,Mohakhali Super Market,X chinese Embassy ( current BIT School) are among few.

Hossain Group started its journey with Mr.Ali Hossain as the eldest son of Mr.Sattar Haji.
Mr.Ali Hossain started his career in Business after completing his Bachelor from St.Louis University USA. He bought Tejgoan Re-Rolling Mills from Rahim Metal in  East  Pakistan era to help his father in construction business. Tejgaon Re-Rollinig Mills is the 1st Steel manufacturing plant in Banglaldesh.Mr.Ali Hossain is the founder chairman of Hossain Group.

Hossain Group Today has transferred itself into a very profitable portfolio that helps immensely with the Country GDP .Currently the Group consist of 8000 Plus employee in vast business interest.

Hossain Group currently has interest in Consumer Goods, Drinking Water, Distilled Water, Battery water, Hygienic Item, Cleaning Products, Kitchen Accessories Manufacturing, Steel
Re-Rolling Mills, Cold Storages, Textile Mills, Land Mark Construction, Manpower, Chemicals Industry and Auto Assembly unit.

With over 100 years of business legacy, the group has grown substantially over the period in value creation and production. At present there are 20 sister concerns, each specializing in different products and services
The Group’s Strength lies in devotion to meet our promises of delivery, uncompromising attitude for quality, and cherished relationship with customers, employees and all social group

Our Brands

Tulip Brands  produces and distributes food products to retail and food service markets. It is the Concern of Hossain Group. The Company offers Powder Drinks, Testy Saline, Sausages, Fried Rice, Biscuit, Spices,Soybean Oil, and Snacks Food , Pasty Cake, Energy Drink, Soft Drink, Fruit Juice.

DHAKAIYA is the most acclaimed brand of HOSSAIN GROUP with Mustard Oil, Ghee, Vinegar, Black Seed Oil, Rose & Kewra Water, Sesame Oil, Turmeric, Coriander, Chili & Cumin Powder, Chinigura Rice,Dry Fish, Beef Meat Masala, Chicken Meat Masala and Chicken Meat Masla.

V Water Admired as symbol of life, Every drop of  V-Drinking water is Purified through reverse Osmosis and Bottled with highest level of care that ensure safest drinking water for healthy Hydration. V-Drinking water Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institutions (BSTI) approved Pure Drinking Water. 

MYSOL Brands presents its finest quality of Hygienic &  Cleaning Items. One of the most promising MYSOL brand providing Hand Sanitizer, Sanitizer Gel, Antiseptic, Bleach, Disinfectant, Hydrogen peroxide, Toilet Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Detergent, Floor Cleaner, Basin Cleaner.  

Bangla Cars one of the most promising Brand for aspiring needs to mass people. Bangla Cars Assembling plant have all the facilities required for assembling around 30,000 types of vehicle annually. Bangla Cars not only provides customers with quality Vehicle but also provides comprehensive service.   

ঈদের পর আসছে প্রথম দেশীয় ব্র্যান্ডের গাড়ি ‘বাংলা কার’
ঈদের পর আসছে দেশীয় ব্র্যান্ডের প্রথম গাড়ি ‘বাংলা কার'
আসছে দেশীয় গাড়ি ‘বাংলা কার’
The first domestic brand car ‘Bangla Car’ is coming after Eid

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